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RE-INVEST aims is to design robust and cost-effective investment strategies that will facilitate an efficient transformation towards a sustainable or 100% renewable energy system in Denmark and Europe. RE-INVEST is a four-year research project that gathers 17 partners from universities and key energy players in a unique approach to the transition as a complete redesign of the whole energy system, utilizing the synergies between heat, electricity and transport. RE-INVEST addresses how to overcome silo-thinking that characterizes traditional energy sectors, by using a two dimensional interconnectivity approach as well as existing and new energy infrastructures. The aims are:

1) to develop the Smart Energy System concept and identify synergies in low-cost energy storages across sectors as well as energy savings on one side, and international electricity and gas transmission on the other side when expanding e.g. wind power,

2) to support stakeholders within renewable energy in Denmark and Europe and enable the industrial partners in RE-INVEST to be early adaptors of trends in integrated energy markets, thus having cutting edge R&D for key technologies in future sustainable energy systems,

3) to share data, results, models and methodologies on open platforms as well as be open for new partnerships.

The 17 RE-INVEST partners: Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Stanford University, Østfold Research, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), Danfoss, Kamstrup, EMD, Aalborg CSP, Haldor Topsoe, the Danish Energy Agency, Energinet.dk (TSO), MP Pension, HMN Natural Gas, Statkraft, Ørsted and The Danish District Heating Association

RE-INVEST is partly funded by:





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